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My Dying Bonsai

Posted in Nothingness by karenakarena on February 16, 2010


After the death of my sunflowers, it seems like my bonsai is next…

This poor thing was given to me as a gift. When I got it, it was housed in a box, the soil was covered in glued stones, and there were many leaves — it seemed vibrant and healthy. I soaked it in a sink-full of water right away for about 30 minutes. A few days later when I wanted to soak it again, I lightly brushed the tree with my arm and a whole bunch of leaves fell off which naturally, freaked me out. All the leaves were dry and brittle and only a few healthy leaves remained. I immediately went online to find a cure for the little fellow. A lot of the sites suggested I remove the stones (which I did) to allow the roots to breathe. The above picture depicts what my bonsai presently looks like. It looks worse than when I first got it. I lightly scraped the bark to see if there is some green colour underneath to see if there’s still life in the tree and that it’s not completely toast. I brought my bonsai to work because there is more light, but I don’t place it in direct sunlight. The heater is on at full blast at work so I try to keep it away from that. I also keep it close to myself so it receives adequate carbon dioxide.

If anyone is going through the same thing, please let me know! I also don’t know what type of bonsai tree mine is because as you can see, there aren’t too many defining characteristics other than that it looks DEAD! Help.

Updates to come.