just another serving of brain stew


Posted in Nothingness by karenakarena on March 30, 2009

new hairstylists
This is what happens when you change your hairstylist.

hilary moment
You end up having a Hilary moment.

Claris will either end up as a rocket scientist (she is smart!) or a bgirl.

Oh very flattering Amelia.

amelia being silly
Amelia being silly.

smiley claris
My goddaughter Claris.

I asked Andre (he is 10) to draw me a mermaid since I’m using The Little Mermaid statue as the “object of inspiration” for a personal context essay. I will put this on the cover page.

This is his interpretation of the Sphinx.

so scared of getting older
i’m only good at being young
so i play the numbers game
to find a way to say that life has just begun

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