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blockbuster weekend

Posted in Nothingness by karenakarena on April 14, 2009

Why do I love HBO/Showtime so much? Because they don’t hide the dark, bold, and harsh details of life that shows on Fox or NBC tend to sugarcoat. And there are no commercials. Try to watch United States of Tara online. The first season of every show is always kind of awkward but the idea is fresh. Thank you Showtime.

United States of Tara

If you or someone you know has

(1) become a victim of le alcohol and has suffered the symptoms of drunkeness, specifically projectile vomiting, and/or
(2) watched I Love You, Man

this is dedicated to y’all:

Projectile Vomit

Long weekend was fun! Fulfilled my cousin Monica’s desire to watch Disturbia, so hopefully now she stops relating everything to that movie. And for some reason I had this urge to watch a dance movie so I rented Step Up 2. The dancing was incredible HOWEVER some of the scenes from the finished product should have been deleted, and the deleted scenes in the bonus features should have been included in the movie. Cassie‘s character made no sense to me until I watched the deleted scenes. Moving on.

Anyways a couple of months ago, the cousins and I were wandering aimlessly in Wal-Mart when we decided to take a little pit stop at a patio display. This bar dispenser caught my eye, and whadda you know. I get it for my birthday lol. Here let me give you a visual:



Totally pointless right? But I love it.

Yup, these (as well as this blog) are just a few of the countless distractions going on in my life to keep me from thinking about the problems facing mankind in the long run. Too tired to write about it. Hounds will be released next post.

you can’t build a house of leaves, and live like it’s an evergreen
it’s just a season thing, it’s just this thing the seasons do