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Posted in Nothingness by karenakarena on December 14, 2009

Hi! Back again with some photos of sunflowers that I am growing indoors. Sunflowers are my favorite type of flower. I had no idea that they were capable of growing indoors until I saw mini ones for sale at a flower shop. They were the cutest things. They make really great gifts and are fairly inexpensive!

[click on the pictures to enlarge the images]

The very first seeds that I planted around November 24 are sadly dying!

I’m guessing it is because of improper drainage. I didn’t put stones at the bottom of the pot to help with the drainage and above is the result of my laziness. It’d be nice if these came back to life but as you can see it seems hopeless.

I planted new seeds on December 8. After five days, I started to see some little fellas peeking through.

These are pictures of them the following day. These buggers grow fast!

I recently added fertilizer spikes for indoor plants. Because it is winter and the heat is constantly on which can dry out the soil, I try to water them once a day, if not twice. Just a little sprinkle is all you need considering the size of the pot. There are about 2 or 3 seeds per pot.

More updates soon!